Bonnie Belle
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Bonnie Belle

Bonnies Bio

Born and raised in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Bonnie Belle is currently
enriching the city's musical legacy with her own peppery style of writing
and performance! In addition to her songwriting and appearances on
Live on the net at the Muscle Shoals Songwriters Showcase,
Bonnie is celebrating the release of her exciting new CD with frequent club and festival performances (where she often doubles as emcee). Bonnie also hosts her own cable TV show in the Catskill region of New York State.

Writing and listening to stories and songs were her first loves in
Muscle Shoals, so it's not surprising that wanderlust took hold at an early
age. With traveling at the forefront of her passion, Bonnie set out to experience life first hand (she joined the "friendly skies" as a flight attendant for several years) the traveling has combined with her Muscle Shoals roots to influence Bonnie's signature
sound--from "junk country" to London punk to Tex-Mex to Moroccan.

Growing up in the South during the Sixties and Seventies, Bonnie
listened to the likes of George and Tammy, Hank, and Loretta; then,
naturally, it was on to Dylan and the Sex Pistols. These days Bonnie has
coined the term "housewife crack" to describe her "genre" (crack being
Irish slang for {"conversation"). "Junk country" and "new-age hillbilly" are
other labels that have been used to describe Bonnie"s unique blend. With the
varied and pungent flavors of soul, Delta and Chicago blues and R&B,
Southern rock, and zydeco on her musical palette Bonnie has forged a
refreshing counterpoint to humdrum country pop!

Bonnie's self-titled debut cd ably showcases her musical influences as
her lyrics coax any listener into her "junk country" world of "housewife
crack". New York's Tonal Evangelist add their own horn-section splendor to
the disc as Bonnie testifies to the "she-side" of a relationship--from
bubble gum in her "warshing" machine to rocks in her black bean soup.

From a few years as a studio rat in the eighties, to her formation of
the all-girl band Shestone in the Nineties, to her current solo work Bonnie
Belle is proving that there are no boundaries between age and music. "I'm
living the way I need to and growing and learning all the time, always
looking for the next adventure," says Bonnie. Surely her next adventure has
already begun !!


Monroe New York 10950

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